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Waiting for the drips, needing buckets and watermarks on the ceiling is not the first indication of a roof in bad repair. Unfortunately many people wait too long to repair their roof and find out the hard way that they not only have to have the roof repaired, but more money will have to be spent on paint, gyprock and plastering.


Repairs - Premier Roofing

You don't have to go up on the roof to see if the cement has eroded or if lead flashing needs repairing, just look at your roof from time to time.

If you are unsure of your roof's state, and your roof is over 5 to 7 years old give us a call to book a free inspection. Many times we have been able to advise people to take preventive action so that their roof will be fine for another two or more years, when it will need inspecting again. Prevention is far cheaper than repairs.

If your inspection shows that your roof does need work, the Licenced Roof Tilers will:

  • Replace broken tiles
  • Replace and repair lead flashing
  • Remove old ridge cement
  • Re-bed ridge capping to the Australian Standards
  • Professionally finish ridge capping with Flexible Pointing
  • Clean gutters
  • Remove rubbish


Before and After - Premier Roofing

                        Before                                              After


All work done by Premier Roofing is completed to the Australian Standards - neatly, quietly and with excellent workmanship.

Premier Roofing