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David McCreath has been involved in the ACT roof tiling industry for 20 years.

During this time he has seen the need for Canberra to have a fully qualified roofing specialist. This inspired the team to obtain their Department of Fair Trade Roof Tiling licences. In doing this they were required to do an examination and provide evidence of continual work in the industry for a minimum of two years. A written exam was required, where they provided knowledge of the Australian Standards and all facets of roofing. Once they had achieved the first part, they were then required to demonstrate to inspectors their practical experience. The exams were very intense and the scrutinising examiner very hard. Waiting for the results took forever but the Department of Fair Trade was impressed with the knowledge and workmanship producedand issued them with their individual Licences.

Now they can provide the people of Canberra with the highest quality roof repairs and give correct and professional advice about the best way to care for and maintain your roof.

Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for Roof Repairs to be licenced in the ACT. Many repairers that are not licenced and have found a niche in the market, and sometimes trusting people are mislead with jargon, crafty salesmanship and cheap and nasty pricing. The cheaper the quote the more likely it is that you'll never see that person again. In NSW you must employ a Licenced Roof Tiler for any repairs done to your roof over $200.

Your house is your biggest asset so don’t risk it to unlicenced tradesmen claiming to have qualifications and experience. Would you let an unlicenced electrician fix your wiring? I'm sure you wouldn't and you wouldn't allow any other unlicenced tradesman work to on your house either.

Using a licenced Roof Tiler gives assurance that all work is carried out to the Australian Standards and therefore protects the consumer.

Premier Roofing is fully Licenced and we are local.

Premier Roofing