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Beware of the BIG BAD Roof Repairer!

Premier Roofing

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. Each little pig had a house of his own. After their last problems with houses the first and second little pigs now had their houses built from bricks and tiles.

One rainy day the first little pig looked up on his ceiling and saw he had a leak. He checked his roof and saw that the ridge was cracked and there were broken tiles. He looked in the local paper for someone to fix his roof. The first ad he saw was for a roof restorer, so he called them. They came and fixed his roof and he paid a lot of money. But the big bad wind came and huffed and puffed and blew the paint and his roof off.

The second little pig saw that his roof was cracking and breaking. He was smarter than the first little pig and he asked for three quotes. He chose the cheapest repairer and they came and fixed his roof. But the big bad wind came and huffed and puffed and blew his roof off, and he could never find the repairer again.

The third little pig already had his roof fixed before it started to leak. He had his three quotes, he checked for licienced tradesmen, he checked references and his local Master Builders Association. The big bad wind huffed and puffed but could not blow his roof off and he never had to ring Premier Roofing again.


Who's afraid of the big bad wind, the big bad wind - tra la la la laaaa.

Premier Roofing

Our slogan is a serious warning to the consumer to be careful about who they allow on their roof.

In the Roofing Industry we regularly hear about sub standard major work performed by unqualified tradesmen. As we have mentioned many times use Licenced Trades people, ask to see the licence, get your three quotes, look at references, and talk to the HIA and the MBA. Because there are no rules on Licencing in the ACT, many repairers come from interstate, make quick money and return home. You have no come back if there are problems. A good way to guard against this is to look in the service directory in the Chronicle, only local trades people will be there. Premier Roofing will give you a choice.

Premier Roofing