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David McCreath started Premier Roofing in 1998. He has been involved in the Roof Tiling Industry in the ACT region for 20 years. David saw the need to offer Canberrans a quality licensed alternative to all the fly by night, dodgy roof repairers and restoration companies who try to trick you into painting your roof.

You have a choice who repairs your roof. Make it a Premier choice.

Since successfully getting his NSW Roof Tiling Licences, Premier Roofing has been able to employ numerous people through out the ACT. We offer roof repairs, new roofs, re-roofs, fascia and gutter replacement, roof ventilation and extensions and all work is done to the Australian Standards.

The ACT has not yet mandated the Roofing Industry. Anyone with a ladder can quote repairs. If in doubt ring the NSW Department of Fair Trade (on 6298 4800) or the Master Builders Association (on 6249 1433) or risk your roof to an unqualified imitation.

As you can see we play an important part in the Roof Industry. We pride ourselves on workmanship and honesty. Your Roof will receive the highest level of attention and concern that our team can provide.

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